Editorial Services

Thank you for your interest in my editorial services. I love having the opportunity to edit and critique writing, while helping authors create a polished version of their work. If you have a project that is in need of some editorial TLC, I can help! My specialty is children’s fiction and non-fiction (ages 0-18), but I also have experience editing adult trade. I accept inquiries from both writers and publishers.Red Pen

Query Critiques:

If you have a manuscript that you are ready to submit to publishers or agents for consideration and you want some guidance to help your query letter stand out from the masses, then this is the option for you.

Rate: $30

Submission Package Editing:

This option is for writers who are ready to submit their manuscript to publishers or agents. I can edit your submission package, including your query letter, author bio, table of contents, synopsis, and the first 25 pages of your manuscript.

Rate: $90

Cover Copy:

Having trouble catching the eye of potential readers? I can make the copy-writing process a lot less stressful for you, by writing copy that will hook readers in and make them want to read more.

This is a perfect option for writers looking to self-publish, and for publishers in need of some captivating cover or catalogue copy. I am happy to supply samples upon request.

Rate: $30 (typical length is 250 words or less, but price can be negotiated based on your needs)

Manuscript Assessment (i.e. Beta-Reading):

This option is great for publishers or for writers who have a completed manuscript and are looking for an unbiased assessment of their work before submitting it to publishers. I will assess the manuscript and give general feedback for character development, plot and style consistency, voice, etc. For a more in-depth analysis, see Substantive Editing.

This option is for fiction only.

Rate: $0.50/page* (minimum $10)


I will proofread typeset documents for spelling and punctuation errors, design inconsistencies, and missing text.

Rate: $20/hr (15-20 pages/hr)*


I will edit your document to correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency errors. I am also able to edit tables, figures, notes and bibliographies. I am versed in MLA, Chicago, and AP styles, and am comfortable following and creating style sheets.

Rate: $20-25/hr (5-10 pages/hr); rate depends on level of copyediting required.

Substantive Editing:

“Substantive editing, also known as structural editing, focuses on the content, organization, and presentation of an entire text, from the title through to the ending. […] Substantive editing is the first step in the editing or revising process, and there is no point in copy editing a text that needs substantive work.” (EAC website)

A substantive edit is a more in-depth analysis of your work than a beta-read. With a substantive edit, I will address character development, pacing, style and plot issues in fiction, or content and presentation of non-fiction, to help flesh out a strong, unified piece.

Rate: please contact  for a quote

Just a few more things…

I am able to work with prepared style sheets or create one if needed.

I accept both hard-copy and e-file (PDFs and Word) documents. If hard-copy, any return postage/courier fees will be applied to the above rates.

I am also willing to format bibliographical information and proof indexes. Do you need some editorial work not listed above? Not to worry. Just let me know what it is you are looking for and I will see what I can do. To request my services, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at readwithdani@gmail.com with the subject line “Freelance Inquiry.”

Thanks again.


* ‘page’ is to be understood as the industry standard of 250 words

+ Prices are in Canadian dollars before HST

3 thoughts on “Editorial Services

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  2. Going to keep you on the list, if you don’t mind. I’m almost done with the first draft of my fantasy novel, which I know you don’t have listed as a preferred choice, but maybe you would consider editing it nevertheless?
    I have several rounds of edits to do on my own, and I have a stable of people wanting to beta read for me, but once that’s all done I’d like to have someone with your experience take a look.

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