About Danielle

I’m a YA/kidslit bookworm, a writer and a chocoholic. I moved to the big city of Toronto to pursue a career in publishing and now work as an associate editor. I am a winner of the 2014 Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Fringe Contest.

About Bookish Notions:

This is a place where I share with you my passion for kids and teen books. I am a firm believer that children’s books can (and should) be read at any age. They are filled with so much imagination, wonderful characters, and truly excellent writing. So much of my childhood was spent in the worlds within children’s books. I attended Hogwarts with Harry and Co., I’ve journeyed to Mordor and back again with Frodo, I’ve spent many days getting in trouble at Green Gables. I’ve sailed aboard the Jolly Roger, hiked through Mossflower country, and travelled through flumes and wrinkles in time. And the journey is only just beginning…

Thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to visit my blog! I hope to see you back soon (when you’re not off adventuring through your own stories of course!).

You can follow me on Twitter @readwithDani, Facebook, GoodReads, Instagram or contact me via email at readwithdani@gmail.com

Happy Reading!


Disclaimer: Please note that Bookish Notions is my personal blog. The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer.

10 thoughts on “About Danielle

  1. Oh my god, we sound almost like the same person. Except I can’t have a cat anymore (husband is allergic), I love mushrooms, and I only *aspire* (until I can afford it) to take the publishing certificate (Ryerson).

    I’m not as major a YA fan, but I do enjoy it, I’m an aspiring writer, but not of children’s books, I’m definitely a chocoholic (must be good quality dark!), I work in a bookstore, and I too have a BAH in English Lit. The closest I got to classical languages, though, were Old and Middle English classes.

    But still! We are so much alike, right? 🙂

  2. Aw, Danielle! You’re … can I say it? Please? Ok, ready? ADORKABLE! I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for 2013! Keep smiling! I can feel the warmth from here. Take care, love.

  3. I would love to take on a Masters in Publishing after graduating from Journalism this December, but living in my city offers zero publishing companies and I can’t move elsewhere… Needless to say, I really hope you find a job in that industry so I can live vicariously through you!

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