Review – Fox and Squirrel: The Best Christmas Ever


From Scholastic: Fox and Squirrel are getting ready for the festive season, but they can’t seem to agree on how to celebrate. It’s only when things fall apart that they realize what really matters at Christmas time: spending the time together.

Squirrel wants to make the best Christmas ever. Fox wants to have fun. But Fox’s fun seems to be getting in the way of Squirrel’s Christmas. Can these two very different friends find a way to have the best Christmas ever together?

Fox and Squirrel: The Best Christmas Ever by Ruth Ohi is a delightful edition to any holiday reading list to share with the little ones in your life. With simplistic text that hits the bull’s-eye and gorgeous illustrations full of colour, this book is the whole package.

Whether you’re meeting this adorable duo for the first time or you’re old friends with Fox and Squirrel, this pair of rodents will both make you smile and give your heart a squeeze. As funny as Fox and Squirrel are, this book had one of the most heart-breaking spreads I’ve ever seen in a picture book (no I’m not going to tell you what—you’ll have to pick up a copy and find out for yourself. You’ll know when you see it.) that made me love this book all the more.

In addition to being a Christmas story, this book is very much about friendship. It reinforces the fact that sometimes friends—ever best friends—don’t agree, but that doesn’t mean you stop being friends. In the spirit of the season, these two discover that being together is what really matters.

Fox and Squirrel: The Best Christmas Ever will give you a case of the warm fuzzies. Absolutely delightful!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (5/5 hearts)

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