Happy Hallow’Read: My Bookish Costume #2

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Halloween in here once again! This year I decided on going as Lark/Wren from Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross. And my costume turned out pretty darn fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Sisters of Blood & Spirit Costumesisters of blood and spirit

(I’m the first one, in case you aren’t sure.)

We had a costume contest at work and I am pleased to say that mine won best Harlequin-themed costume 🙂

If you want to make your own Lark/Wren costume, here’s how I put it together:

Hair: I bought a blonde wig and used temporary red hair-spray dye on one side for Wren’s fiery hair. I wrapped a plastic bag around the side I wanted to keep blonde and pinned it tight. If you already have light blonde hair, you can spray the dye right on your hair, though keeping the other side dye-free may be trickier. I suggest you get someone to help you.

Face: Lark is easy. Since she’s very washed of colour in the book, I kept the makeup simple—black liquid eyeliner, pale eyeshadow, mascara. Lark has some serious style and a fondness for red lipstick, though, so I gave her bright red lips (only painting half my lips, course). For Wren, I used a white eye pencil to draw a straight line down the middle of my face and then used white cream face paint to fill in her side. Wren has more flair for colour so I used bright pink eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner (though not as heavy) and mascara. A bit of pink lip gloss, and she’s done.

Outfit: This does take some sewing skills. In the book, Lark describes one of her outfits as being “The Addams Family meets Mad Men” so I wanted her side to be black and white. Wren likes to dress more vibrant so I wanted a bright colour. In the end I found two dresses at a thrift store that were similar cuts: one black, the other hot pink. I cut them down the middle (leaving room for seams—that’s very important!) and sewed them together. I was able to pull the dress on and off without adding a zipper, which made the whole thing a lot easier, and belted it with the belt that came with one of the dresses. Then I sewed white eyelet lace to the collar of the black half to complete Lark’s “Wednesday Addams” look. I paired the outfit with white tights, and one black Oxford heel and one blue patent leather pump.

Last Tip: Remember to pay attention to which side is which girl! It would be a shame to get the dress sewn together and then realize you dyed the wrong side of the wig.


Voila! Lark and Wren from Sisters of Blood and Spirit.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review are my own as part of my personal blog and not my employer’s.

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