Does Author Gender Matter?

In a recent Goodreads study, the site’s data shows that readers are more likely to gravitate toward books written by authors of the same gender as themselves. Is this true? The data seems to think so but I wanted to hear what you think. As with any form of data it’s open to interpretation, bias and a number of variables. I know myself that I am not swayed by female authors just because they are the same gender as me. But if you look at my shelves, I do read more female authors than male authors. Why? Because I tend to choose books in which the narrator is female (not always—I’ve read some outstanding books with male narrators—but often) and the majority of those narrators are written by females. A few of my most favourite books go against this, of course: John Green tells an amazingly powerful story through Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars, and Jennifer A. Nielsen has me rooting for Sage every step of the way in The False Prince.

What about you? Does the gender of an author affect your reading habits?

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