Review: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

SPOILER ALERT: This review does contain a few spoilers for Shatter Me, Unravel Me and

Ignite Me.

Ignite Me

From HarperCollins:

One day I might break

One day I might break free

Nothing will ever be the same.

The fate of Omega Point is unknown. Everyone Juliette has ever cared about could be dead. The war could be over before it ever really began.

Juliette is the only one standing in The Reestablishment’s way. She knows that if she’s going to survive, The Reestablishment cannot.

But to take down The Reestablishment and the man who very nearly killed her, Juliette will need the help of the one person she never thought she could trust: Warner. And as they work together to bring down their enemy, Juliette will discover that everything she thought she knew—about Warner, her abilities, and even Adam—was wrong.

Ignite Me, the conclusion to Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me trilogy, picks up right where Unravel Me left off. Juliette wakes up, surprised to be alive, after being shot in the chest. The only person she can trust is the boy she swore never to trust the boy who saved her life: Warner. And Juliette is finally ready to accept his help and tear down the Reestablishment. Even if she has to use her bare hands.

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again many times in the future, I am sure: I love Tahereh Mafi’s writing! It is so evocative and unique. So powerful. I feel amped up reading it as though some of Juliette’s power has transferred off the page and into my veins.

Juliette really comes into her own in this last installment in her trilogy. Everyday she learns more and more what it is to be alive and what it means to love. That knowledge makes her stronger and a lot more confident in herself and her abilities. She certainly has come a long way from the scared little waif losing her mind in a prison cell when we first met her. She grows a spine in this book, and I like it!

Then there is Kenji. Ohmygoodness, I love Kenji! He is the perfect mix of comic relief and the voice of reason, and I love that he calls everyone on their bullshit. Every page with him was an absolute pleasure to read and he quickly fought his way to the top of my list of favourite secondary characters.

I have no problem admitting that before reading this book I was totally Team Adam. There was no way Warner was going to worm his way into my heart, no matter how many steamy scenes Mafi threw my way. He had done too many terrible things to earn my forgiveness. Turns out, I’m fickle. Not even halfway through Ignite Me, I was on Warner’s side.

However—and this is a big howeverI found the evolution from Warner as bad guy to good guy too easy. The fact that everything we knew about Warner was wrong, that he was just misunderstood, left me feeling incredibly manipulated. I get it, that’s how we are supposed to feel because that is how Juliette feels and we experience everything through her. In the “torture chamber” scene in Book 1 I did have a moment where I was like “There is a two-way mirror through six feet of concrete? Whaaa…?” So the explanation makes sense, but I really didn’t think Juliette could be so far off about him. (On the other hand, it’s made me aware that I really should question my trust in narrators more…)

It just felt kind of like a cop out, a way to get everyone (readers included) on Warner’s side without him having to make amends. Especially when coupled with the 180 degree personality change in Adam. Yes, he’s dealing with a broken heart but did he have to be such a douchebag? Adam’s hostility wore on me. It made it that much easier for Warner to move into the role of “romantic favourite.” I think it would have been interesting to see Warner win over Juliette (and the readers) while still having done at least some of the terrible things we thought he did. It would have been more of a challenge to overcome and required him to make a conscious effort.

That being said, by the end I was completely converted to Team Warner. He and Juliette are good for each other.

Boy issues aside, I loved the direction this book took the series. While the battle felt a bit rushed, the scene on the boat was awesome! The stakes and emotion run high in this conclusion and the pace never slacks. Tender, intense and intriguing, fans of Shatter Me and Unravel Me won’t be disappointed with Ignite Me. I will be very sorry to say goodbye to these characters that I have grown to love throughout the series. Hopefully we will meet again someday in a world they’ve changed for the better.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥(4/5 hearts)

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