Review: Tweezle into Everything

Tweezle into Everything

From Pajama Press:

Tweezle is the smallest one in the family. But for someone so small, Tweezle has some pretty big ideas. Nobody’s going to call him a baby anymore!

Tweezle into Everything by Stephanie McLellan with illustrations by Dean Griffiths (Pajama Press) is the follow up to Hoogie in the Middle. In the monster family, Tweezle is the youngest and as the title suggests, he keeps getting into everything. But he doesn’t want to be seen as the baby of the family; he wants to prove that he’s a big boy.

As the eldest child in my family, I may not be qualified to comment specifically on the youngest-child experience… However, I think Tweezle into Everything does a great job of demonstrating every child’s desire to be taken seriously and not be treated like a baby. I especially like how it subtly points out how the adjectives we use when talking to children, like “little”, can challenge their young identities.

Not only will the message in this cute story win over the youngsters in your life, but the  illustrations are sure to capture their attention and imaginations. Bursting with colour and movement, the pictures of the monster family are a lot of fun. I love how bright they are!

Also, Tweezle’s mission to show he is a big boy by rescuing a baby bird offers a great opportunity to open up a conversation with your child about what to do if they should find a baby animal in need.

Tweezle into Everything is a wonderful family read, especially for young children who may be struggling with either being the youngest, or having a young sibling who always seems to be getting into everything.

♥ ♥ ♥ (3/5 hearts)

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