Bookish Notions Turns 2!

two candle

Happy Blogoversary to me! *sing-song voice*

Yep, two years ago today I posted my first-ever blog post. Last year, to celebrate I took a walk down memory lane and looked at the books and people who encouraged my love of reading. Then Boyfriend surprised me with this delicious treat:

Blogoversary cake

Let me hear you say, “Awww!”

A lot has happened since that chocolatey goodness disappeared (I shared it, I swear). Here is a bit of what has happened since…

In the past year I completed an editorial internship in the children’s department of Fitzhenry & Whiteside and interned with The Rights Factory before landing a job at Harlequin, where I now happily spend my days as a proofreader. I’ve learned a lot about the publishing industry along the way and continue to learn about the editorial and production processes. As hard as it was financially being an intern, all of my internship experiences have been wonderful and diverse.

This fall, I also joined the Inaccurate Realities team as a proofreader, which has been very exciting and I’m eager to continue working with the project and reading all of the awesome short YA stories.

One of the biggest events in the past year was definitely moving to the GTA. It still feels weird saying I live in Toronto, although I’ve definitely conquered any nerves about the subway. Next challenge: street cars!

This year has been really great for book events, a few highlights being Vikki Vansickle’s book launch, HCC Frenzy’s YA Preview, Word on the Street and the Ontario Blog Squad Meet-Up. Now that I live in the big city I’m hoping to attend a lot more events in the future.

Of course, in the past year I have read some truly wonderful, crazy-good books. Some that have been published, some that are in the works and some that I sincerely hope find a publisher soon because they deserve to be read by all (I wish I could share more details about those ones). I’m going to be posting a Best of 2013 list within the next month, but a few of my favourite reads from this year include: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Neilsen. READ THEM!

I feel that in the past year I have grown as a blogger and reviewer, and hopefully as a writer, as well. In the year to come I hope to continue in that path, but push myself further with my writing and explore new things. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

Now before I break into a cheesy metaphor about plants and growth, I would like to end this post by taking a moment to thank the readers who have been along for the ride since the beginning and those who have stopped by to visit since. To any newbies: Welcome!

I look forward to sharing the year ahead with you.

If there is a feature you would like to see more of or you have a suggestion for the blog in general, please share in comments.

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