Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’m Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Being from Canada, I feel a little behind the times with this post topic as our Thanksgiving was a month ago, but hey, who says you can’t celebrate twice? (Please tell me I get another turkey dinner *fingers crossed*) For this year’s Thanksgiving list, I thought I would give thanks to ten things that improve my life as a blogger/reader/writer-in-progress.

1. Google, Wikipedia and the internet in general: Seriously, how did people find out stuff BG (before Google)? I’m constantly looking up information, whether it’s something unfamiliar from a book I’m reading or research for something I’m writing. What’s “wattle and daub”? How long does it take to walk from point A to point B? Who would win in a fight between Santa and the Easter Bunny?

2. The comments feature in Word – So handy!

3. Authors! Especially these ones who continue to inspire and ignite my imagination.

4. Publishers – Without whom there would be no beautiful books.

5. Booksellers (Especially the ladies from my old Chapters) – For always having a suggestion of what I should read next. And for (almost) never steering me wrong.

6. The ladies behind The Broke and the Bookish – For coming up with these fun lists and then sharing the lists of all the participants. You rock!

7. WordPress – For providing me with an easy-to-use space to send my musings out into the world.

8. My BFF – For never getting tired of book talk and for being my sounding board. (Among all the other reasons I’m thankful for her.)

9. Other book bloggers –  There are sooo many awesome book blogs out there and I thank those bloggers for all of the great recommendations, inspiration and insights.

10. YOU! Knowing that I’m not talking to myself…that someone is reading these words I’m typing…is always comforting. But being a part of such a welcoming book-loving community is just wonderful!

What bookish things are you thankful for? Share your answers in comments.

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