Happy Hallow’Read: An Interview with Inaccurate Realities

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IR Fear coverToday I welcome the ladies behind the new YA speculative fiction magazine Inaccurate Realities. Inaccurate Realities is the brain child of Christa (More Than Just Magic), and with the help of minions Andrea (Cozy Up With A Good Read) and Sara (Geek Girl’s Book Blog) the magazine will release its first issue on October 22. The trio stopped by to talk about what went into getting the magazine ready to launch and the first issue’s seasonally appropriate theme: fear.


Bookish Notions: Welcome! Tell us about Inaccurate Realities and how the magazine came about.

Inaccurate Realities: Inaccurate Realities is a literary magazine for young adults and the young at heart. There is no denying that people of all ages are now reading YA, but when we looked around we noticed a significant lack of publications focusing on YA short fiction—especially genre fiction. Our emphasis here at Inaccurate Realities is on speculative fiction, in all its forms. Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, dystopian, steampunk, cyberpunk, alternate history and everything in between.

We are a quarterly magazine and are looking for fresh and exciting Young Adult short fiction from writers of all ages.

The idea for the magazine came about one day when Christa was looking around trying to find a place to submit some short stories and she found that the literary scene was lacking in stories for teens (there were only a couple of things and those were mainly contemporary with a moral to them).

BN: Your first issue’s theme is ‘Fear.’ What did you look for in submissions and how did you settle on the final selections?

IR: In the submissions we looked for the story to give us chills at times and that was appropriate for a teen audience. We found that some stories were geared towards a more adult audience and that helped us trim down the selection a bit. For the most part it was easy to settle on the stories we chose. All three of us sat down one weekend and read through the stories and we all agreed on what we liked and didn’t like. We all had the same idea of what we were looking for in a story.

BN: With less than a week to go until the issue’s release, what are some of the joys and challenges you have faced getting the magazine ready?

IR: The joys were definitely seeing how enthusiastic people were towards the magazine when we launched, we got great feedback from people who were interested in writing stories from us and loved the idea. We had such great support, though we didn’t hit our goal for our Indiegogo campaign it was still a success with how many people donated towards this project. And also getting to read the stories people submitted to us and seeing how many people actually submitted stories for the first issue!

One major challenge with this has been first and foremost finding the time to get everything together… All three of us have day jobs so there have been quite a few late nights for us and a lot of Facebook chats so that we could get things put together and really figure out everything that needed to be done. We had a lot of dinner meetings with a table full of papers as we figured out lists of what needed to be done.

BN: Which fear-related book is your favourite and why?

Christa: The first one that popped into my head is Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters because I read it right around the time I moved to Toronto and was terrified for weeks that I was going to get bedbugs and go crazy.

Andrea: For me I think I would have to say Christine by Stephen King. I was reading it when I was on vacation with my mom, I was in grade 8 or something, and I was finishing this book on a car ride back from the beach, where my mom is taking all these back roads late at night… every time I saw headlights behind us I got creeped out that a car was following us.

Sara: First fear based book that popped into my head was The Nightwood by Robin Muller.  It’s a picture book that I had when I was little and it tells a dark fairy tale and has the creepiest, most beautiful artwork ever.

BN: What can we expect from the next issue of Inaccurate Realities?

IR: Our next issue is TIME TRAVEL. We are looking for submissions that play with the wibbly wobbly structure that is time and space. Finally all those hours watching Doctor Who will come in handy. Is there a time or place you’ve always wanted to visit? Ever wondered how a certain historical event really happened? Does your character need to deliver a warning to the future? I think this is one we are all really excited about!

BN: Thanks ladies!


Inaccurate Realities MagazineFind out more about Inaccurate Realities at their website, or follow IR on Twitter or Facebook.

Inaccurate Realities is available October 22, 2013 and is available for pre-order here!

And if you’re going to be in Toronto on November 9th, stop by Bakka-Phoenix Books to celebrate IR’s launch!

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