Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Whether I’m involved in a long-term relationship with a series or a fling with a stand-alone, these are the turn-off that have me seeking different bookish company:

1. BAD EDITING! One or two typos, fine, I’ll live… But if a book is riddled with typos? That just makes me frustrated. I once read a book that often had characters’ names switched up. I stopped reading the series.

2. Forced Love: I may have come close to failing chemistry in high school, but I definitely know romantic chemistry. If I don’t feel the spark between the love interests, why should I care? I need that chemistry.

3. Repetition: I don’t want to read the exact same thought process over and over again. I get it. Let’s move on… I get it. Let’s move on… I get… Get my point?

4. Unpronounceable Names: I’m a supporter of strange and unusual names, but I should have some idea of how to pronounce them (even if it isn’t how the author intended). If the name is a minor character that we only meet once or twice, okay, but I don’t like to continually be stumbling over a name… it slows down the story.

5. Predictability: I tend to have an uncanny knack for guessing endings (Boyfriend can attest to this—drives him crazy), but if I know exactly where the story is heading from the get-go? It’s not as enjoyable. I like to be surprised by the books I read.

6. Bland Characters: I want to feel SOMETHING for the main characters, both heroes and villains. Whether rooting for their victory or defeat, I still need to be caring about what happens to them. If I don’t…well…I tend to lose interest. Fast.

7. The Unnecessarily Long Series: I love reading series, but when one reaches a logical conclusion…and then another book is released…and another…I feel like giving the series “the Talk”. The “it’s been fun, but it’s just time for me to move on” talk.

8. Cheese When Meat Would Be Better: I can practically hear your cries of “What?!” What I mean by this is cheesy lines at a moment when things really shouldn’t be cheesy. I hate being all wrapped up in this amazing/intense/horrific/romantic scene and then a character throws in a line that makes me laugh at the ridiculousness. *sound of illusion shattering*

9. Needless Gore/Violence/Sex: If it doesn’t move the plot forward or provide something essential to my understanding of the characters or the story, it doesn’t need to be in there.

10. The Long Engagement Series: By this I mean a book, that ends with a cliffhanger or lead-in to a sequel but then the next book doesn’t come out for several years. I’m kind of fickle this way. I may have loved book one, but keep me waiting too long and I’m going to forget about you and move on.

What turns you off a book? Share your answers in comments.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

  1. AMEN! Especially the last one! Hate the waiting game! And the name stumbling. At least some reads, they will inconspicuously tell you how to pronounce it and I like that. But I hate trying to guess and your right, stumble over a name.
    Great list!

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