What’s What? Weekly: Summer Edition

What's What? Weekly

A Round-Up Of Fun Tid-Bits and Bookish News

Summer reading lists are starting to roll out. On Open Book: Toronto, author Susan Hughes checked in with some book lovers to find out which Canadian kids books they recommend for summer reading. And Mashable put together a list of 23 YA books perfect for summer. Which books are on your summer reading list?

Scholastic has a Summer Reading Challenge going on where young readers can track how many pages they read.

Anne of Green Gables turns 105 this year! CBC Books is celebrating with a quiz to see how well you know Canada’s favourite redhead. How well did you do? I thought I knew her pretty well but only got 60%.

Another milestone: Roald Dahl‘s Matilda turns 25 this year! Puffin Books is showing the love with a blog tour and giveaway (sadly it’s US only). Check out this tour post by Bookish blogger Evie in which she shares great Matilda quotes and the superpowers she’s gained from reading. Fantastic!

What fun bookish things have you come across this week? Share your answers in comments.

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