What’s What? Weekly

What's What? Weekly

A Round-Up Of Fun Tid-Bits and Bookish News

Well, I am off to the cottage to chill for the weekend instead of melting in my apartment, so this week’s What’s What is short and sweet:

As a former bookseller and someone who is looking to break into the publishing world, all I can say is F*** YEAH! to John Green for his Indie Champion acceptance speech, in which he talks about the importance of publishers, librarians, booksellers (and everyone else in between). Careful, there are a few swear words.

I found author Maggie Stiefvater‘s blog post in which she offers proof that she can actually be delightful very amusing and thought it worthy of sharing. Enjoy!

The Burrow makes it onto the newly revealed cover of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! How I love the Burrow and its red-haired inhabitants!

What fun bookish things have you come across this week? Share your answers in comments.

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