What’s What? Weekly

What's What? Weekly

A Round-Up Of Fun Tid-Bits and Bookish News

Kidslit author Vikki VanSickle (Words that Start with B) looks back at her writing career and shares some words of wisdom in her latest blog post. Also, don’t forget to come celebrate the launch of her new book Summer Days, Starry Nights this Tuesday, May 28th! See you there!

Mark Tuesday, June 4th down on your calendars if you are in the Guelph area! Author and illustrator Martin Springett (Breakfast on a Dragon’s Tail) will be signing copies of his Blue Spruce Award-winning book Kate and Pippin at the Guelph Chapters.

Who would have thought that when two young girls lost their notebook of rules for life it would turn into a book deal. True story. Read about the adorable “lost and found” story behind Isabelle and Isabella’s Book of Rules.

If you would rather read than eat or sleep… you might be a book addict. Check out this great list of “25 Signs You’re Addicted to Books.” (Advisory: Language not appropriate for all ages)

What fun bookish things have you come across this week? Share your answers in comments.

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