What’s What? Weekly

What's What? Weekly

A Round-Up Of Fun Tid-Bits and Bookish News

The folks at HarperCollins Canada got some Canadian celebrities, including Elisha Cuthbert and Sarah McLachlan, to read from Dennis Lee‘s Alligator Pie and compiled the readings into a video to celebrate TD Canadian Children’s Book Week! You can find all the amazing details in this Publishers Weekly article.

Earth Day was this week, but let’s keep the green feelings going! The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has put together a list of kids books with environmental themes to help you do just that.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you probably have some pretty strong feelings about Snape (though whether good or bad, there is no denying he is a fantastic character!) Over on TOR.com, Emily Asher-Perrin shares some great points on why “Severus Snape Does Not Deserve Your Pity.”

What’s happened in the kidslit world this week that caught your eye? Share in comments.


4 thoughts on “What’s What? Weekly

    • I found the article really intriguing and I hope you did too. I have to agree with her–I’ve never been one to think that Snape and Lily should have ended up together (we never would have had Harry if they had). I think his past is pitiable, whether he wants pity or not, but I do feel he needed to face the music for his actions as an adult and won’t get my pity for the choices he made. He is one hell of a character though! What did you think?

      • He needed to face the music, yes, but he would not have been that kind of a person if not for James Potter. The bullying made him try to defend himself, and with that attempt, he lost Lily. At the end of the day, I see him as someone trying to be accepted, hence all the wrong decisions.

        I’m not a fan of James Potter… don’t like him one bit. And I believe if that ‘ignorant toerag’ (as Lily calls Potter), did not push Snape and belittle him, Snape would have turned out a better person.

        • Excellent point. I definitely think it would be very hard for him to make good moral decisions when the only time he has ever been accepted (except by Dumbledore) was by Voldemort’s followers for his dark arts. Thanks for sharing!

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