What’s What? Weekly

What's What? Weekly

A Round-Up Of Fun Tid-Bits and Bookish News

Amelia Bedelia is still quirky and kicking 50 years after publication. The literal-minded picture-book heroine may have blown out 50 candles on her cake this week, but I think we can all agree that she hasn’t aged a day—in fact, I think she looks younger than ever! Happy Birthday, Amelia Bedelia!

You’ve heard of method actors? Well, writing whirlwind Eric Walters is a method author. In an article for Open Book Ontario, Walters shares how his desk is wherever he is, whether it’s at the top of a mountain or in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

A few years ago, Roald Dahl’s classic, Matilda, got musical—literally—and was turned into a stage production in London. This spring the musical is crossing the pond. EW.Com shares an exclusive video about the production making its way onto Broadway. Does that mean Toronto is next? I hope so.

Earlier this week, Pride and Prejudice celebrated its 200th anniversary and I wondered about the repurposing of classics for a teen audience. In a recent article in The Huffington Post entitled “PLEASE: No More Insulting Classic Book Covers for Teen Girls,” Books Editor Zoe Triska argues that recent redesigns of classics for teens would have authors rolling in their graves. Have you come across any redesigned classics whose covers appeal to teens AND maintain the integrity of the author? Share your finds in comments.

Hey Vikki Vansickle fans! Mabel’s Fables is holding a contest to have slumber party right in the bookstore for you and a friend AND Vikki in celebration of her new book Days that End in Y (Scholastic Canada). How cool is this?! And why did such a thing not exist when I was in middle-grade? Jealous!

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