2012: A Year in Review

With the popping of corks, the dropping of the ball and outbreaks of Auld Lang Syne, 2012 draws to a close and we welcome the year 2013. While you consider what your resolutions for the coming year will be, I would like to take a look back at 2012.

Happy New Year!

Twenty-twelve was my first full year as a blog host and it brought me quite a few new adventures, both in books and out of them. This year I attended my first literary festival by going to the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, and this was followed by Word on the Street in Toronto. I also attended my first book launch. And this fall I went to my first blogger event at the Ontario Blogger Meet-Up, which was fantastic and I got to meet a ton of wonderful bloggers. It was certainly a year of many firsts!

This year also saw me try on the hat of book-club host. From January to September I organized a teen book club at my local Chapters. It was so much fun and I got to chat with a lot of great teens about teen books—so cool! Highlights from the book club include our Hunger Games event, being joined by author Joanne Levy, and blogging about the club for The Savvy Reader.

In the spring, I had the opportunity to write about Toronto’s literary community for Open Book: Toronto, where I got my first byline! My favourite article out of the experience was this one: “Good Egg: A Foodie’s Dream.”

In April of this year I participated in my first blog tour and got to interview Kathleen Peacock for her debut novel, Hemlock. I also got to interview several other authors for my October blog event called Happy Hallow’Read. And I started the bi-weekly feature Popcorn and a Book, which, I am proud to say, I have kept on schedule with.

All of these great experiences aside, one of my favourite things about blogging over the past year was knowing that YOU are visiting, that I’m not just writing into the void of cyberspace. It has been a thrilling year thanks to everyone who has stopped by at some point or another to read, to comment, to find book suggestions.

Here’s a brief look at some of my top viewed posts of the last twelve months.

  1. Berenstain Bears Author Passes Away at 88
  2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: A Eulogy
  3. Popcorn and a Book (4) Good, Bad & Ugly Characters
  4. Top Ten Books that Broke My Heart
  5. Love is in the Air: Book Boyfriends

For a list of my favourite reads from 2012, click here.

What can you expect from Bookish Notions in 2013?

More reviews and posts on my bookish adventures, for sure. Bookish Notions will also be getting a bit of a makeover, so expect a new look soon. Beginning January 7th I will be starting a daily installment called “A Grimm Year” where I will be reading my way through the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales one tale per day. Popcorn and a Book will continue, though it will be changed to once a month. And as for everything else, well you will just have to wait and see.

Please let me know in comments what features you enjoyed, what you would like to see more of, or any suggestions for 2013.

Happy New Year!


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