Happy Hallow’Read: My Bookish Costume

Today’s the day! Happy Halloween!

I’ve been several bookish things for Halloween in my life… Alice in Wonderland, Hermione Granger, the Queen of Hearts… and now I can add to the list Dorothy Gale!

You probably already have your costume for this year, but in case you’re off to a party this weekend and need a last-minute idea, or want to get a jump start on next year’s costume, I thought I would share how to put together a Dorothy costume.

Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz is pretty easy to put together (even easier if you buy a pre-made one, but that’s not how I roll).

First and foremost, you need a blue and white dress—this is true for both the book and the film, and is an important part of Dorothy’s appearance as the colours signify her as a good witch and a friend of the Munchkins. I made my dress from a pattern a few years ago (for the afore-mentioned Alice costume), but do not feel you have to make a dress my hand. If your dress does not have sleeves, complete the look with a white blouse worn under the dress. I also had a crinoline to give my skirt extra poof.

Next you will need slippers… I mean shoes. If you want to be completely true to the literary version of Dorothy, opt for silver shoes. Or go Hollywood and wear red shoes like I did—the red shoes pretty much define Dorothy to most people.

Next you will need braids, French or regular—it’s up to you. Top the do off with some blue ribbons on the ends of your braids and you’re all set.

You can add to the Dorothy look by carrying a small wicker basket (available at your local dollar store) and if you’re really ambitious, a small black dog stuffy for your Toto. (Keep in mind you will have to carry these around all night.)

And now you’re Dorothy!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

~Danielle aka “Dorothy Gale”


This post is part of the month long feature Happy Hallow’Read! Don’t forget to check out more Happy Hallow’Read posts and the spectacularly spooky giveaways! (Details here.)

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