All Hallow’s Read: The What and How of It

In 2010, Neil Gaiman posted a proposal to scare the world one book at a time. The result? All Hallow’s Read, a Halloween tradition where people give away scary books. Why? Why not! Ok, if you really need more of a reason… To promote literacy, to scare—I mean share—a favourite spooky book, to spread the love of reading. Take your pick.

When is it? Anytime during the week leading up to Halloween or on Halloween day.

How does it work? It is as simple as giving an age-appropriate scary/Halloween-y book to someone else. It can be new, used, or one off your own shelf.

You can just give a book in person or make it part of a challenge or do a book drop. Last year I “dropped” a saran-wrapped spooky book (it was pouring out!) on a picnic table in Dundas Square with a note saying “Take Me!” (Here is my tweet from last year to give you an example) This year, I will be doing another book drop somewhere in Guelph, ON. So keep an eye out for a tweet with a clue where to find it!

If you have Twitter, post a tweet with the location of the book you’re giving away, or share what you’re doing for All Hallow’s Read. Be sure to include the hashtag #allhallowsread! Also, include a picture if possible.

If you would like to participate in All Hallow’s Read (and you really should) check out the website for more information, book recommendations, and ideas for participating:


This post is part of the month long feature Happy Hallow’Read! Don’t forget to check out more Happy Hallow’Read posts and the spectacularly spooky giveaways! (Details here.)

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