{Guest Post} Bookish Halloween Costume Ideas

Today I welcome book-blogger Michele from Just a lil’ Lost:

In terms of bookish Halloween costumes, it might be safe to say that The Hunger Games will dominate this season. Whether you want to look competitively fierce like Katniss or stylishly fierce like Effie, the elements to put together this costume can be relatively simple to do.

The two signature pieces to pulling off the Katniss look would be her braid (one of many tutorials available online) and her bow & quiver of arrows. Got those two things and you’re basically set. Throw in a black or brown jacket that hits mid-thigh to sharpen the look. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of Katnisses of all ages out this Halloween!

Going as Effie Trinket will require a bit more commitment, but the effect will be amazing. The thing that stands out most about her is the hair and make-up. You can purchase a wig at the costume shop (disco section, perhaps?) and adorn it with a flower or other extravagant hardware. As for the make-up, it’s all about the eyes. Paint your face a smooth white, not too heavy & thick. You don’t want to look like a clown! Then, get creative with your eyes. Use lots of great colour and designs because that’s what stands out on Effie’s face. Make sure that the colour you choose for your eyes match the elaborate dress that you will be wearing. Effie is all about the overall outfit: her hair accessory, eye make up and dress all match to convey one complete look. Perfect for all her public appearances.

For as long as I can remember, I have always scavenged and put together my own Halloween costumes rather than buy the ready-made ones in the store that are often made of cheap material and a generic “one size fits all” size. My favourite “find” one year was taking a cheap grim reaper robe, cutting it down the middle and sewing a crest on it. It was a perfect Hogwarts robe to go with my Slytherin costume.

Happy bookish Halloween everyone!

Michele is a city gal who loves books and photography, and has a weak spot for extra-caramel caramel macchiatos. You can find Michele online at: http://www.justalillost.com/

Twitter: @justalillost

This post is part of the month long feature Happy Hallow’Read! Don’t forget to check out more Happy Hallow’Read posts and the spectacularly spooky giveaways! (Details here.)

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