Popcorn and a Book (16): Noticed – The Broke and the Bookish

Ok, so I kind of dropped the ball this week for Popcorn and a Book… In my defense I just started a new internship, I’m living away from home (and my movies/books) during the week, and I’m busy putting together Happy Hallow’Read. But never fear, I’m not about to leave you with nothing.

While strolling through the web (that’s right I stroll through cyberspace… sometimes I meander) I came across a delightful post by Tahleen from The Broke and the Bookish and thought I would share. The post is called “Movies you might not have known were books, part 2: Children’s edition.” If you are a bookish cinephile or looking for your own Popcorn and a Book ideas, I suggest you give this list a gander.

One of the books from the list, Fly Away Home, I happened to watch over the weekend so I’m curious how much of the film was based on fact and how much is movie magic. I will have to track down a copy and find out.

I promise an authentic Popcorn and a Book comparison next time round, but for now get the popcorn popping and have fun checking out this list of kids’ films you might not have known were based on books.

What other movies do you enjoy that are based on children’s books? Leave your answers in comments.

“Popcorn and a Book” is a bi-weekly meme I host where I will compare one book with its adapted film, looking at the content, the way it has been visualized, the experience, etc. If you would like to participate in this meme, please visit the “Popcorn and a Book” main page for details.

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