Happy Hallow’Read! October 9-31

I love Halloween. Dressing up in silly costumes, trick-or-treating when I was little (and not-so-little), and all that candy! But I will admit, on a scale of 1 to 10 for how easily I scare I’m about a 4 on the scare-o-meter. Thrillers I like, but when it comes to horror I am way out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I wanted to devote October to all things bookishly Halloweeny—the good, the fun and, yes, the scary. So to make sure I cover all the bases, I’ve enlisted the help of some bookish types who know a thing or two about good scares.

For what will here on out be known as “Happy Hallow’Read,” the month of October will be filled with content from Canadian authors, bloggers and myself dealing with the paranormal, the creepy and the downright scary.

And did I forget to mention all the FREE books I’ll be giving away? Starting October 9th I will be giving away several prize packs that have been graciously supplied by publishers. Check back on the 9th for full contest details.

Happy Hallow’Read-ing!

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