Top Ten Tuesday: Romances That Would Make It In The Real World

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is ten romances that would have made it in the real world (outside the book).

Did someone say romance?! This week’s topic is right up my alley, being the hopeless romantic that I am, but would you believe I had some trouble coming up with ten couples? This is because a lot of the couples I read about have one non-human character as the love interest; therefore, their reasons for attraction are moot in our world. Obvious example: Edward and Bella. The basis of their relationship is Bella’s unique brand of human scent and Edward’s vampire hotness. Material for a real-world romance? Don’t think so.

Physical attraction is important sure, but it shouldn’t be 100% of the reason a couple is together. So I searched for relationships built on more than looks, because, let’s face it, those are the kinds of romances that persevere and last a lifetime. Now without further ado, here are the couples I believe could survive in the real world (whether they are supernatural or not):

Alex and Lena from Delirium: This may be a case of first love, but it’s a core-shaking love I believe could survive. The moments Lena and Alex spend together are so romantic and they really get to know one another. Plus, if they are willing to risk their lives to be with one another in their world, they could certainly make it last in ours.

Prince Charmont and Ella from Ella Enchanted: This relationship reminds me the most of my own. Char and Ella start out friends first and romantics later.  Even when they live far apart they write letters back and forth (while long distance might not be for some, I know first-hand that yes in fact they can work). And most importantly they make each other laugh.

Tris and Four from Divergent: They respect and challenge each other, and they share a great amount of trust. If they were taken out of their life-or-death environment, I think their relationship could stand the test of time. They would so be one of those adrenaline-chasing couples that go base-jumping or sky-diving on their honeymoon.

Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter: Sure they’re a wizard and a witch, but let’s say they were muggles. If they ended up in the same school and had a friend like Harry keeping them together I think they would still make it—their personalities would stay much the same. This is another case of friends first, lovers later.

Delilah and Prince Oliver from Between the Lines: We never get to see how Oliver handles the real world, but I like to think that he and Delilah could make it work. Maybe we’ll get to see that interaction in a sequel…

Anne and Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables: Ah, one of my favourite couples. Even though they keep being separated—mainly due to Anne’s stubbornness—they eventually find their way back to one another. They complement each other. I genuinely believe they would be a lasting romance.

Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars: For however short a time, these two would last until their stars burned out.

Juliette and Adam from Shatter Me: The connection that these two had from childhood, and the way Adam treats Juliette with kindness instead of fear, have me believing they would make it in the real world.

Ismae and Duval from Grave Mercy: Perhaps these two wouldn’t last in the present time but had they existed in the 15th century, they would definitely have worked out. Duval needs a woman who will challenge him; Ismae is such a woman.

Katniss and Gale from The Hunger Games: Had things worked out differently, had the Capitol not toyed with their lives, I think Katniss and Gale would be an item in the real world, rather than Peeta (even though I prefer Peeta). They just seem like more of a natural fit. But then, take the Games out of the equation and the characters would be very different from the ones we know… So who knows?

Which fictional couples do you think would last in the real world? Share your answers in comments.

Also, best wishes to Jamie at The Broke and the Bookish, whose wedding this week inspired this TTT topic. I wish you a happily ever after!

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Romances That Would Make It In The Real World

  1. My husband and I have known each other for 15 years and been married for 4, and two weeks ago we actually started living together full time (at first he had a job that had him travelling 90% of the time, then he got a job 3 hours south, and now he finally has a job where he can live at home)…so yeah, the LDR can work, but DANG is it rough!! 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you on the whole Katniss and Gale thing. I loved Peeta and wanted them to work, but in reality, if all of the Capitol garbage hadn’t happened, Gale totally would have won!

  3. Love your picks! Totally Lena/Alex… I think what they had was so pure and real. And I was just talking the other day about Tris/Four and how despite how insane they were to each other in Insurgent that they really feel real, and that their relationship wasn’t just this simple path to love like a lot of other YA romance… their relationship and feelings feel real, like it’s real love based on mutual respect and admiration.

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