Small Medium at Large: A Review

In Joanne Levy’s debut novel Small Medium at Large (Bloomsbury Children’s Books), twelve-year-old Lilah Bloom finds herself with the ability to talk to ghosts after a freak lightning strike. Now not only is Lilah dealing with the ups and downs of middle-school life and getting a date for the dance, but she is also haunted by her well-meaning Bubby, a pompous fashion designer and a number of other lingering spirits.

This cute novel really transported me back to the days of first crushes, sleepovers and those horrible math problems—minus the ghosts of course! Although, this book has me thinking middle-school would have been a lot easier with a few ghosts hanging around.

Lilah is a wonderful example for young girls. She is smart, funny and loyal, and she genuinely wants to help people. One of the things I appreciated about the ghosts was that they challenged Lilah’s morals and yet she always did the right thing in the end, even when some of the ghosts wanted her to do otherwise.

Small Medium at Large is good clean fun. It’s bubbling with laughs, tender moments and the big issues on every 12-year-old girl’s mind: boys and boobs (or the lack there-of). It was a delight to read and I recommend it to young girls everywhere.

One thought on “Small Medium at Large: A Review

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