Insurgent: A Review

Veronica Roth’s new book Insurgent (Katherine Tegen Books; HarperCollins) continues the story of sixteen-year-old Tris Prior as she struggles with grief, guilt and the growing war against the Erudite. Absolutely no time has passed from when we last left Tris at the end of Divergent.

Divergent fans will not be disappointed by this sequel! It carries the same characters we love and hate, and the tone and voice have not changed. Insurgent is much more psychologically driven, where Divergent was more physical. Simulations are a huge focus in this novel; they could easily have overshadowed the plot but I enjoyed the simulations as they show a deeper side to Tris’ psyche. In Insurgent, we get to know more about Tris’ thought process and what makes her different, not only from the other faction members but from the other Divergent. This development was very intriguing.

I enjoyed getting to learn more about the different factions and the places where they live. And I especially enjoyed getting to learn more about Tris’ and Four’s families. Some questions get answered and new (and much bigger) questions are raised. It is impossible to finish Insurgent and not want to know what happens next because everything the characters have ever known in completely turned on its head.

Tris and Four infuriated me at times—I just wanted to shake them—but the push and pull between them makes for very real characters that are a pleasure to read. Their relationship is really put to the test in Insurgent and I’m very curious to find out how it will change in the next book.

While I found the pace slightly slower, it was no less enjoyable or absorbing. Having finished Insurgent, I feel I can say with certainty that the first two books have only just begun to scratch the surface of what if going on in Tris’ world. There is no doubt Tris has hard times ahead of her and I can’t wait to see her raise to the challenge.

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