Top Ten Favourite Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s list consists of my top ten favourite characters. These are characters that left an imprint long after reading, that had me mulling over their motives, that had me laughing at their antics or that left me with a pain in my heart. Perhaps you will find a few of your favourites among this list as well. I hope you too will visit these characters. Give them my best. I’m sure it won’t be long before I visit them again.

1. Bobby Pendragon from D.J. MacHale’s Pendragon series: As there are ten books in the Pendragon series, you come to know Bobby very well. What I enjoy most about Bobby is how he grows as a character. His morals and beliefs are tested. He’s stretched to his physical and mental limits. And he makes mistakes. He’s a very strong character that I never tired off.

2. Ronald Weasley (or any member of the Weasley family, for that matter—except Percy) from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series: Ron’s sense of humour, his awkwardness and his loyalty (even though it falters several times) will forever make him one of my favourite characters.

3. Augustus Waters from John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars: Witty, charming and honest, it would take an awful lot to make me forget this character who completely stole my heart.

4. Katniss Everdeen from Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games trilogy: Katniss is an amazing heroine. She is strong and incredibly smart. She has to make some extremely tough decisions that a teenager should never have to make but she never gives up.

5. Artemis Fowl from Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series: Artemis Fowl has always been a very intriguing character for me. He’s a teenage criminal mastermind. He’s scheming and brilliant. And even though he’s not exactly “one of the good guys,” he kind of is. He’s a moral dilemma that I can’t get enough of.

6. Anne Shirley from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series: Stubborn, ambitious and imaginative, I always found Anne Shirley to be a kindred spirit.

7. Tinkerbell from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan: She might be very vain and jealous, but this little sprite is always fun to read about.

8. Dustfinger from Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy: Dustfinger has always intrigued me. He’s a good guy at heart but he will do anything to go home and that makes him very unpredictable. I like that.

9. Golem from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy: He’s horribly selfish and completely insane, consumed by the power of the ring, but without Golem this classic story would have been very different. The hero’s need Golem, despite his villainy. Such a great character!

10. Severus Snape from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series: You never know where you stand with Snape. Is he good or is he bad? That makes for a very compelling character. I was so pleased that we got to learn more about his back story.

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Please share your favourite character(s) in comments. I would love to know which characters left an impression with you!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Favourite Characters

  1. I love Anne! Montgomery is one of my favorite authors. I’m glad she found the time to write so many books!

    Gollum would not be my first choice from LotR, but he certainly is interesting! I liked Legolas until the Orlando Bloom fangirls scared me away. I also like Faramir.

  2. Great list. I love the mention of Dustfinger; he was great! (I’d personally say my Ink-favorite is Mo, though. Throughout the first book at least.)

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