What a Hunger Games Event Looks Like







Last week at the Chapters in Guelph, a group of literary minded-people came together for one purpose: to celebrate a love of The Hunger Games! The Teen Book Club (hosted by yours truly) met to discuss Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games. I was thrilled with the turn out. We ended up with about 25 clubbers, mostly teens with a mix of avid fans, series newbies and a few curious moms.

Everyone had some really great opinions about the book (although surprise, surprise, no one said they hated it). We talked about everything from Peeta’s fate, to Thresh’s humanity, to the book’s commentary on reality TV. Such a smart group!

After the discussion we had a Hunger Games competition of our own, with prizes provided by Scholastic Canada. Names were drawn in our own version of a “Reaping,” but in this case you wanted your name drawn. Those who had their names drawn channeled their inner Katniss by taking aim at some Mockingjay targets with a Z-Curve bow and arrow set.

The night was great fun and I hope to see everyone at the April meeting when we discuss Veronica Roth’s Divergent.

Happy Reading!

(Photo Credit: Chapters, Guelph 2012)

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