Escape into The Maze Runner

I really enjoyed The Maze Runner (Random House Canada) by James Dashner. I was going to say it is a great light read, however, the subject matter is anything but. So, more appropriately, it is a great quick read.

In The Maze Runner, a teenage boy named Thomas wakes up in a dark elevator with no memory of his life before, not even his age or his last name. The elevator opens into a place called “The Glade” that is inhabited by other teenage boys, who have all had their memories taken. The Glade is surrounded by a giant maze, haunted by monstrous creatures. Every day a group of Runners go into the maze searching for an exit and a way home. And each month a new boy shows up in the elevator like clock-work… until Thomas that is. A girl arrives in the Glade soon afterwards and that’s when everything starts to change.

The writing style itself wasn’t all that special but the fast pace and unexpected plot make this a series I am definitely going to continue! The Maze Runner gripped my attention from the first chapter. The reader has just as much information as Thomas does about who he is, where he comes from and what the Maze is all about. If your mind is even a little bit curious, you will be hooked too. There were just so many questions that I wanted to know the answers to.

I love when a book has me thinking I know where it’s going and then throws in some loops and surprises, maybe even a few dead ends (sound like any mazes you know?). The Maze Runner did that for me. The ending left me with chills and I am eager to get my hands on book two, The Scorch Trials.

With some sci-fi and dystopian elements, and lots of action, this is a book that I highly recommend for reluctant readers, especially teenage boys.

The Maze Runner is book one of a trilogy. Be sure to check out the rest of the series!

3 thoughts on “Escape into The Maze Runner

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