Be My Valentine… Alex Sheathes! A Razorbill Blog Event

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the online community Razorbill asked bloggers to share their favourite book boyfriend. And no surprise here,  my book boyfriend of choice is Alex Warren/Sheathes from Lauren Oliver’s Delirium.

Birth Name: Alex Sheathes

Alias: Alex Warren

Hair Colour: golden brown like autumn leaves

Eye Colour: amber

Smile: a bit crooked

Build: tall and muscular

Age: 19

Markings: three triangular scars just behind his ear

Style: Alex dresses casually in neutral colours so as to blend in and avoid attention but he wears sneakers with laces that have been inked in with blue pen.

Personality: Alex is private—he has to be. He longs for freedom and has a sense of humour that can’t be contained by his eyes. He’s a good listener.  He’s very confident about who he is and what he believes in. Alex is passionate and brave. He would risk everything for the one’s he loves.

Interests: Swimming, books (especially poetry), motorcycles

Perfect Date: The perfect date with Alex would be a midnight picnic on a warm summer’s night. Stretched out on a blanket under a sky full of stars, being serenaded by crickets and the wind.

Favourite quote:

“Are you sure that being like everybody else will make you happy?” The barest whisper; his breath on my ear and neck, his mouth grazing my skin. […]

“I don’t know any other way.” I can’t feel my mouth open, don’t feel the words come, but there they are, floating on the dark.

He says, “Let me show you.”

Who would I cast to play Alex in a movie? Good question! I had such a hard time trying to think of an actor that could embody Alex. In the end, I settled on Alex Pettyfer from I Am Number Four and Beastly.

(He’s already got the name and the looks, why not the part?)

Who are my other favourite book boyfriends? Find out here.

Also be sure to check out my review of Delirium.


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